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Primary programmatic assessment assistanceJosh Kuntzman
The Council on Assessment (CoA) is appointed by the Executive Vice Chancellor and serves as a peer review authority (modeled after the Program Review Panel) and works in collaboration with, but is independent of, the Academic Senate. The CoA is comprised of faculty from across the university and chaired by the WASC ALO/Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education, CITRAL Faculty Director and Writing Program Professor, Dr. Linda Adler-Kassner.  The CoA reviews, provides feedback on, and ultimately approves departmental program learning outcome assessment plans. The CoA also reviews and approves Assessment Research Grant Proposals and revisions to program learning outcomes (PLOs).

2023-2024 Council on Assessment (CoA) Members

Tarek Azzam, Education
Glenn Beltz, Engineering
Amanda Brey, Director of Program Review & Accreditation
Norah Dunbar, Communication
Brice Erickson, Classics
Mike Gordon, Chemical Engineering
Rebecca Greer, Library Instruction
Leyroy Laverman, Chemistry
Jin Sook Lee, Education
Karen Lohwasser, Education
Sarah McClure, Anthropology
Sameer Pandya, Asian American Studies
Paul Rogers, Writing Studies
Erin Ninh, Comparative Literature, Asian American Studies
Vanessa Woods, Psychology and Brain Sciences
Kevin Whitehead, Sociology

Student Affairs - Assessment Community

The Student Affairs Assessment Initiative publishes annual reports on their website, chronicaling the work that their departments are doing for students: academic support, student life, wellness, enrollment services, student governments, publications, and office of the vice chancellor. They also offer resources for UCSB's collaborative assessment community of practice (COP), including training and work-group sessions and helpful assessment literature.